Beyond Orgasm


Out beyond orgasm is a field of possibility.

This is space where there is no limit to emotion, to sensation, to feeling.

It’s a place of magic.

It’s a place where the essence of being swirls, where we can experience our true selves.


It’s out beyond orgasm.

To get there we have to go beyond orgasm.


For most of us, men much more so than women, this requires a BIG shift.

It’s one of the most important principles of Conscious Sexuality and has the key to so much.

Firstly it’s a path to expanded states of pleasure, then it’s a tool for accessing and using sexual energy for meditation, for healing, for growth, for self-exploration, for transformation, for higher states of consciousness and more.


Very often when we do yoni massage we deliberately don’t have the goal of orgasm in mind.

At first this is often confusing. You’ve come to have a yoni massage, to experience the pleasure, there’s all the expectation of this huge orgasm.

You can have orgasms, plenty. Annie has identified 13 different orgasms for women.

But there’s more.

So we suggest that you be willing to have a different experience.

To go beyond orgasm.


Now when men come to have a lingam or Taoist massage we suggest the same thing.

Allow yourself to experience something different, allow your sexual energy to expand, to take you some where you’ve never been before.

Because there are many different states of pleasure available to men.

And to experience these you need to go beyond orgasm.


Let’s look at why this is so difficult, and sometimes challenging an idea.


The first reason is that we’ve made the definition of successful sex orgasm.

The true definition of successful sex is pleasure.

And the paths of pleasure are many.

Next is the pattern, particularly for men. As a man every time you’ve had a sexual experience, from the time you started touching yourself, you’ve had an orgasm. So you think that’s the way it should be.

Then there’s the wonderful ego idea of ‘I have to make her come’. A wonderfully destructive belief that the media have helped along with gusto.

And then there’s the possibility that most of us just don’t know any different, we have no idea what else is out there, or how to access it.

And so we get stuck in orgasm being all there is.


If we’re willing to allow the idea in that there’s more we can open ourselves to worlds of pleasure, sensation, emotion and possibility so vast they probably are without limitation.


In pleasure terms, if we’re willing to go beyond the orgasm barrier, and it is often a barrier to these higher states, we open firstly our entire body to pleasure.

It simply has to happen.

Instead of feeling the sensations purely in our pelvis, they spread through the whole body, everywhere tingles, vibrates, oscillates, shouts, screams, sings with Oh Yes Yes Yes!

And just wants to stay there. And have more.

Which it can.

In this space we start to experience different kinds of pleasure, so much, subtle, gentle, overwhelming…it’s all there.

And it’s always different.


This gives us an understanding of sexual energy. Which we can only have through experience. We can talk about sexual energy forever. Until we’ve experienced it we have no idea of what it is.


As the energy moves through us we start to experience different things, different feelings, emotions, sensations…

It takes us places, physically, emotionally, sensually, spiritually…

We simply have to be there, to allow it.


If we choose to learn a little about this energy and its ways we can access it, direct it, guide it, allow it to guide us.

It opens worlds within worlds.


But first we have to be willing to go beyond orgasm…



Understanding the energy of going beyond orgasm is something we teach in many workshops. It’s an important aspect of the Sacred Sexual Massage workshop on Thurs night. This is a beautiful evening for couples, filled with intimacy and pleasure and techniques for going beyond.




As we continue to develop and explore healing and growth possibilities we add Mystical 8’s to our toolbox.

This is based on an ancient Tibetan energy pattern.

The experience is deeply relaxing, connected to old life patterns as well as enhancing our life energy and vitality.


We wish you so much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie




At last some things are coming together for a few workshops in Natal later this month. There is a very good chance we will be there from 24th April.

If you live in the area and are interested in the workshops please send us a mail so we can let you know.

This will be confirmed in the next few days.


SEXPO is coming to Durban this year, 7-9 June.

We’ll have stand, do talks, have something new and exciting AND are doing yoni massage demo’s. If you’d like to be a model for this beautiful experience please let us know.



Sacred Sexual Massage Workshop, Thurs 11th April.


This is an evening of deep pleasure, beautiful connection and love.

In a sensual setting we’ll learn, explore and experience some of the secrets of heightened pleasure states for men and women.

We’ll talk a little about creating a space, what the physical and emotional elements of this is, the Principles of Heart Touch, the possibilities of the experience.

The workshop includes information on the G-Spot, one of the great mysteries of female sexuality, the A-Spot, different orgasmic possibilities, Quiet Lingam for Men and more.

There will be demonstrations of these, then you’ll share the experience with your partner.


Venue: Pharaohs Fantasy Club

Time: 7:30 pm

Cost: R800/couple


A Free Talk on Conscious Sexuality, Tues 16th April


A talk on the Principles of Conscious Sexuality, how these have evolved and developed, Sexual Healing, the difference between Tantric and Taoist sexuality, what a sexual journey involves etc.


Venue: 67 6th St, cr 2nd Ave, Parkhurst

Time: 7 pm

Booking essential


Expanded Orgasmic Wave, Tues 23rd April


This workshop offers an opportunity to view pleasure from a different perspective. You’ll also learn an amazing pleasure technique which allows a woman to be in an orgasmic state for over an hour and 5 experiences for men, including how to have orgasms without ejaculating.

The techniques are demonstrated on latex models of the genitals, there is no nudity.

This is for singles and couples.


Venue: 67 6th St, cr 2nd Ave, Parkhurst

Time: 7 pm

Cost: R400/person, includes The Expanded Orgasm E-book valued at R300


The Art of Sex, Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask…, Tues 30th April


This is a fun evening looking at sexual how-to’s.

Oral techniques, positions, fetishes, anal, bondage… You ask the questions.

We’ll also share the incredible Love Dance as well as a beautiful Conscious Sexual Experience we’ve developed, Slow Union.

This is for singles and couples.


Venue: 67 6th St, cr 2nd Ave, Parkhurst

Time: 7 pm

Cost: R400/person, includes a Simple Pleasures DVD valued at R300


Conscious Sensual Massage, Sat 4th May


A journey deep into pleasure, connection, intimacy, love and energy.

This practical experience is for couples.

We talk about energy, touch, Heart Touch, the principles of Sensual Touch, building the Sexual Fire.

We move slowly and gently into the massage space with Energy Massage, Bliss Body Massage and then Full Body Sensual Massage. This is a creative way of touching that’s an expression of how you feel, rather than being based on technique.

It creates a space of intimacy between you and your partner that is filled with beauty and pleasure.


Time: 11 am

Venue: To be confirmed

Cost: R2500/couple


Woman to Woman Yoni Massage

Anne-Marie is offering a special on woman to woman Yoni Massage. A beautiful, sensual and sometimes quite emotional experience, sharing this experience with all feminine energy is a very new experience for most women.

Yoni Massage often opens up pleasure possibilities for woman including the possibilities of internal orgasm, becoming more clitorally orgasmic and deep uterine (A-Spot) pleasure.

The massage is about pleasure, moving that energy deep within the Yoni and spreading that into the entire body.


The massage is usually R850, until Saturday 13 April you can book this massage with Anne-Marie for R500.

For more details or to book:

 (note ADULT content on following site)